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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Should I buy Game of Thrones?

So I downloaded a sample of Game of Thrones to my Nook and it's good.  Pretty good.  Now I need help, from those of you who have read it already.  Should I buy it?  It's a four book series, right?  This looks like a big commitment, in money and time.  Just the sample has so many characters already I'm going to have to make a list to keep them all straight.  But I have heard so many great things about it.  Normally I would just consider getting from the library but lately I have been doing all my reading in bed and I can read the Nook in the dark, and not disturbing my husband with that pesky book light.
Anyway, what do you think?  Is it worth the time and money? Assume I have the budget to buy one a month but it means that's the only e-book I can buy for the whole month.  Types of books I read are mystery/suspense/thriller.  I'm not a big fantasy reader though I did love the Harry Potter series (which is not available as an e-book as you well know).  I love Lee Child, Harlen Coben, James Rollins.

Thanks for any comments but please no spoilers.


  1. Good grief, YES!!!

    The author is an amazing plotter. He's created a rich, rich world with layer upon layer of history and back story.

    In addition, he is so good at creating fully realized 3-dimensional characters.

    I am halfway through book 2 and I adore it.

  2. Have no idea about this particular book, SL, but would advise to check carefully if a series.

    Publishers have an annoying habit of putting out part of a series on ebook at a reduced price and then forcing you to buy the rest at far more expense price on paper or ebook thereafter.

    Secondly, as a writer yourself and a nook user, be aware that the nook is utterly useless outside the US, as B&N in their infinite wisdom do not sell to us foreigners.

    If you wish to raise your profile and sales outside the States then Amazon is king.

  3. I have noticed that trick Mark and my answer is to buy the cheap one and go to the library for the rest. I really don't get why THEY don't get that. It's a cheaper sale vs. no sale. A no brainer to me.
    I agree Amazon is king and I also have a kindle. I just do so much reading at night. My life would be perfect if Kindle had a backlight option:)

  4. Okay Stephanie, I will decide tonight to buy or not to buy but we do live in a need in now culture so odds are I will buy:)

  5. Yes! Most definitely. It is a wonderful series. I've read all 4 and I am anxiously awaiting the 5th (finally this summer). GRRM is a bit slow to release the books so you'll probably finish all 4 before he releases the 6th (of a planned 7 book series).

    There's not that much fantasy elements in the first 4 books. It's mostly a medieval political drama. It's more the Tudors (Showtime series) than Lord of the Rings. I've recommended it to several people. They've all loved it.

    I've read a few books on my tablet and smartphone with the Nook and Kindle apps and while I've love the convenience I like to loan my books, not possible with digital format. Although the Nook has the 2 week loan feature for some books.

  6. Thanks BubbaMudd - I actually thought the series was complete with 4. Thanks for the info. I like that they are all priced the same. As Mark mentioned sometimes they put out the first cheap and raise the price of the rest. I would have bought the first last night but I have come down with a terrible cold and went to bed early.
    Did you find it hard to keep all the characters straight?

  7. @slpierce not at all. While there are many, many characters the main ones are fully developed and easily remembers (imho). George RR Martin includes listings of all the family houses and characters at the end of the books. It is very helpful, especially while reading.

    The way GRRM writes the chapters through a character's POV allows you to skip over it to read another character's POV chapter without missing anything and then go back to read the skipped one. I've done that many times when a character's story arc is just too interesting to wait a few chapters.

  8. Nice he includes a listing. Good to know about the character POV. I've never tried that in other books where they leave me hanging. I was always afraid I would miss something. Well I am definitely buying this book for my nook tomorrow. I am going back to bed to try to sleep away this cold!