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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Experiences With Paid Publicity

I have decided to try some paid publicity and I'm going to share my results here for those interested.  It comes up often on FB writing sites and it seems no one has a good answer.  I am fortunate in that I have a little money to play with so maybe in doing this, I can help someone else who has a very limited budget. And sell some books. Just FYI, my genre is thriller/mystery.
In March I sold 64 books.
The first thing I tried is/was a click add on GoodReads.  I put in a max of $5/day and a $25 maximum.  I bid 0.25 per click.  The first couple of days, two clicks.  So I changed the add but still no more clicks.  After a day I increased the per click bid to 0.35. Still no more clicks.  I just changed it to .75 and am waiting to see those results.
I have also paid for a book tour with NUTURE Book Tour.  I won't post the price because it varies, I'm sure, with what you get and specials, etc.  It runs June 13-17.  My book sells for 0.99 cents and it will take quite a few books to break even.  But over time it will and part of the point, for me, is to help generate interest in my writing in time for my new book coming out in June (hopefully).
So tune in, and I will keep you posted.
Also, if you leave a comment you will have a chance to win my ebook.  Giveaway ends Friday May 6, 9am.


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  2. This is great information. Have you ever tried Google Adwords specifically placed on the Amazon site? I know Amazon does not allow books in its own ad program but I see ads for books on Amazon that I believe they are delivered through Adwords. Just curious...

  3. I have not tried anything with adwords because I heard some people say it didn't do anything for them. But, if this is possible, that would be great. I am going to investigate today. I will post what I find. Thanks for the tip.