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Sunday, May 1, 2011

#SampleSunday May 1

From Secrets:

I bought a ticket for whatever movie was about to start. It didn’t matter since I wasn’t staying. I was tempted to get popcorn. No matter what my intentions are when I go to the movies, I always end up getting popcorn. The smell is usually irresistible. Instead I got a big bag of M&M’s. I’d missed dinner and I needed something I could take with me easily.
All business now, I walked into the theater and took a seat near the back. Though it had been a popular place once, it had become run down in the last few years. Stained carpet in the lobby, wallpaper peeling in a few spots. A musty smell mixed with burned popcorn. It was a shame, since the building itself was so beautiful.
Mike came in a minute later eating popcorn and sat next to me. I waited until the lights went down and the previews started. There was no ‘hello, how have you been?’ No hugging or tears. Neither of us were the touchy feely type. Mike knew I would only have contacted him for something serious.
I need all the information on the last deposit into this account,” I whispered, handing him a piece of paper.
Good choice,” he said indicating the screen with a fistful of popcorn. “I’ve been wanting to see this.”
Someone is trying to kill me.”
From the -” he started and turned to look at me.
No,” I interrupted. “I don’t know who or why yet.”
I guess I’m not staying for the movie,” he sighed.
How fast can you get this?”
Depends on how tough the security is.”
Should be a lot easier than you’re used to. I don’t think this person knew what he was getting into,” I smiled.
How did you get that account information?” Mike asked.
I kept my eyes on the screen. “I asked him for it and he told me.”
Uh huh,” he smiled. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”
Don’t start. I’m out and I’m staying out.”
Whatever. How do I contact you?”
My number is on the same paper.” I had written down the number for the prepaid cell phone.
Is there butter on that popcorn?” I asked.
What do you think?”
I grabbed a handful, then got up and left.
Now the hard part. I had just killed a man and dumped his body but considered my next task the hard part. I had to call Jack. Sweet, innocent Jack, who knew nothing of my past. I had to call and explain what was going on, and that meant telling him everything.
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  1. "I had just killed a man and dumped his body but considered my next task the hard part."

    Love that! Yes, getting rid of the body is always the problem....

    Very intriguing.

  2. It's one of my favorites lines in the book. Hope you will check out a sample.