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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preview of New Book

Here is the first chapter of the unnamed new book by me and my co-writer - more about her later. Feel free to leave a comment.

“I found another one.”
“It’s hardly a surprise that you would find something you spend your days looking for,”  Dr. Pike said, setting down her pen and leaning back in her chair.  They had been through this before.
“I don’t.”
“Let’s not pretend.  Aren’t we past this?”
Patient X didn’t answer and Dr. Pike knew there would be no more talking until she apologized.  
“Sorry, please continue.”
“It was a man and woman.  Too old to be students.  Maybe training.  Maybe working on a project.  Anyway, it was clear she was the boss and he was in love with her.”
“What made you think that?”
“It was so obvious.  The way he kept looking at her.  Hanging on every word.  His eyes all over her face.  Desperate and waiting, for something, some sign.  Even when he was laughing, moving closer, it was there.  He wanted her so much.”  The patient paused, staring out the window.  “His eyes were blue.  So blue.”
“And her?  In love with him?”
“No.  Definitely no.  It was like a sad little dance.  He would move in, she would move away.  She never touched him.  Even when he gave her many openings.”
“How did you feel, watching them?”
The patient paused, as if the answer required thought.   “Excited.”
“You know why.”
“Yes, I do.  Do you?”
No answer.
“What did you do?”  Dr. Pike asked.
“What I always do.  I followed them.”


  1. Ha! I love this. There's always something soothing about a clean dialogue. Seriously, I especially enjoyed the ending. I must say I am curious now. ;)

  2. Thanks Lyn. I'm really proud and excited for this book.

  3. Oh, you have me hooked with this. So when will more be posted? :)

  4. Hi Kate, Thanks! Just what every author wants to hear, right? I plan to post something new every week up until it's published (around mid-june depending on how long it takes our beta-readers to finish). I'll also post on my website ( everything together. I wish I knew how to put a .pdf on my website to make it easier. Just don't have time to figure it out right now.

  5. You got me. What did he or she find and what did they do after he or she followed? Dum, dum, dum. Cant wait to read more I'll share with friends.

  6. Hi Lynn, I love to hear that. I appreciate any and all sharing. We are really aiming for a Mid-June release. I will keep updating and adding more chapters on this site until the release.

  7. I'm ready for the rest of the book. I need to take some dialogue writing lessons from you. Dialogue is my downfall. Have to agree with Lyn yours are great. I thought the same thing when reading your other books.
    The sample has me hooked.

  8. Hey Barb, Thank you for saying so. I do love the dialogue. We all have our downfall. Mine is all the emotional stuff that gets you to care about the character:) I just finished my final read through tonight and I am so exited. My co-author is reading tomorrow, then another day of discussing the last changes and off to beta readers. I believe we will make out mid june publishing date.