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Saturday, April 16, 2011

What makes us love a character?

I read the first chapter of the new Charlaine Harris book today (from her website).  I'm really excited about her new book coming out.  My excitement about this whole series surprises me, though, because I never read supernatural books.  My genre is thriller/mystery.  That's what I read, that's what I write.  But I just love Sookie Stackhouse and I have to know what is happening in her life.  Right now I am also reading The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly.  I read the Lincoln Lawyer, mostly because I saw adds for the movie.  But I got the second book because I really like the main character.  So what is it about a character that makes us come back for more.  I can't really put my finger on it exactly.  Is it because we want to imagine they are our friend?  Because we see ourself in them?  Maybe they are what we wanted to be?
Who are your favorite book characters and why?


  1. I'd like to know that, too. Looking at my own reading, I tend to grab books by genre first (most forms of romance and science fiction but not necessarily together) then by author. There are characters I like to see again and again, but I can't think of any that compel me to buy books. There are a lot that compel me to write about them, though.

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  2. Ooh Eric in the Sookie Stackhouse series really 'butters my muffin'! I love the second or third book when Sookie is still with Bill but he's out of town so she asked Eric to go with her to an S&M party to find a killer. Eric shows up in a hilarious outfit. I love a hot guy with a sense of humor! It was so out of character but wonderful.

  3. What makes a character is how real they seem, I think. At least, I get compliments all the time on how real my characters are. People tell me that's the selling point.

    As for Sookie, not only does she seem real, she tugs at a variety of our emotions. We feel for her, being an outsider. That's what makes us root for her. And the fact that she has fun and Charlaine Harris writes the best crack for adults doesn't hurt, either!

  4. I think the characters that grab me are the ones I wold like to know in real life. I can't enjoy hanging out with unpleasant characters any more than I can with unpleasant people! Humor and pathos are factors, both in life and fiction.