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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Math Can Be Fun

Today I discovered Analytics.  Yes, tracking of who and when my sites and twitters are followed!  What could be more fun (and no that is not sarcasm).  For those who don't know, I do have a PhD in Engineering so I am in 7th Heaven today.  I have been finding and analyzing my analytics for about two hours now and my how time flies.  Is anyone else out there having as much fun with this as me?  It's even more addicting that the Amazon KDP site (and if you are self published, you know what this is).  Sorry for those of you who will be overexposed to my tweets and facebook today, but I must experiment.  I have my own spreadsheet set up to keep track of the results myself. I better be careful, though, or I'll never finish that next book.  I suppose I'll have to treat it like chocolate - just a little a day.  Except the weekend, of course, or a really bad day, then all bets are off.  So, leave me a comment if you are monitoring your analytics or if you think I'm crazy.

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