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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Watching the Numbers

So my sales are going alright.  I average 2.5 book sales a day between the US and UK.  That's great, right?  I've only been published for about two months.  A month ago, when I was waiting and waiting for one sale, I would have been thrilled at 2.5 a day.  So why now do I want so much more (besides the obvious money answer)?  Why are we always wanting more?  I know it can be a good thing.  Wanting more has led to countless inventions, progress, etc.  But does that mean we never take time to say 'look what I've done'?  Never sit back and just enjoy an accomplishment?
What if I sold ten books a day?  Twenty a day?  Would I sit back then and say, 'Wow, I wrote something people like'?  Probably not.  Because I would be thinking about how to get more people to notice.  Or thinking about that next book.

But I will tell you, it's a question I would like to be able to answer from experience:)

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