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Friday, April 1, 2011

Nook vs Kindle

Nook or Kindle?
Why don't you just ask me which of my children I love the most?
Just like kids, they bring different things to the table.  One goes all day doing all kinds of things, bright and full of life and energy. Then just collapses in the evening. The other is slow and steady, concentrating on the task at hand, seemingly able to continue forever.  In case it's not clear which is which, the nook is the go all day then collapse at night.  I can read, search the internet, check my email, etc.  But the battery drains.  The kindle is an e-reader, and just an e-reader, but it will last a month on a charge, so it's always there, doing it's job, completely reliable.
Unlike my kids though, I never need a break from my e-readers.

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  1. The kindle isn't *just* an e-reader - if you look in the 'Experimental' folder you'll find a very solid web browser. Combine it with 3G and it's very useful for checking email while on hols.

  2. See, learn something new every day. I will have to give that a try. Thanks