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Monday, June 27, 2011

What does coffee have to do with books?

Well, I just love sitting down with a nice iced coffee and a great book (I just finished the third Game of Thrones) and wanted to share this great recipe for iced coffee.  Why?  Because it's not easy to find a good recipe.  I know.  I've tried for two years.  I have a great coffee maker - one of those one's that you just add beans and water to once in a while, then push a button and viola, cup of coffee.  Anyway, I tried a lot of different ways to make an iced coffee and finally found one.  I take the Starbucks lightly sweetened instant packet, mix it up, and leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours.  Then, when I want a cup, I add some to a cup of ice and then add that flavored liquid creamer.  They are delicious!  There is nothing better, for me, other than having the kids napping at the same time.  But, since that never happens anymore, I'll take the iced coffee.
Please share any other recipes you've found.  Especially for an iced mocha - still haven't perfected that one.

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