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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rejected Book Covers

First, the new tour stop today is Lauriehere.  Please stop by and leave a comment.  One commentor will win a copy of Secrets.
Next, my own tour post:
I think I have posted about the importance of a book cover before (as have many).  So I thought I would post a couple of the other possible covers I was considering for Secrets.  You will see they are almost identical to what I did end up using.  What I can't show you are the sixty photos I took just to get this one that worked for me.  Yes, sixty photos.  I went close up, far away, different angles, different lighting, a larger circuit board, no flashlight, etc.  I am so glad for my next book (The Devil's Game coming this month) I have a cowriter who is also an awesome artist and photographer, who did our cover!
So are a couple of covers I didn't use:


  1. Must say the one you went with is the best one of these three. The photographer in me is curious to see the other 60 photos. I think the font choice is what really grabs the viewer.

  2. Sorry Barbra - I am the anti pack rat and those photos were deleted the day after I chose the cover:( I will agree, looking back, that I made the best choice!