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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Easy way to give to Charity

A while ago I received a wonderful review of my book Secrets from Michael Phillips on  At the bottom of the review it mentioned if you buy Secrets through their link, 5% of the purchase price would go to  a charity of the reviewers choice.  I have been emailing Michael to find out about this great site.
Here is the idea.
You go to Goodmention, choose a charity, choose a book to recommend, then share with your friends via facebook or email.  If your friends buy the book through your link, 5% goes to your charity.  Could it be any easier?  I would really recommend everyone give this a try.  It's a fantastic and easy way to donate, especially if you are going to buy a book anyway.  I believe it works for any product on Amazon, not just books.  So give it a try and leave a comment with your opinion!


  1. Personally, I thing this is amazing. Now you get to give to charity via book sales. Really awesome. I'll check it out.

    P.S: Please check out my blog,

  2. Thanks for the comment Kelvin. I hope you will let people know about this. I website looks great and the book sounds really interesting. Good Luck!