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Friday, March 25, 2011

First Post

This is my first blog post.  I plan to do all kinds of things here.  Talk about writing, review books, and something to kick things off.  I'm going to twitter a couple of time a week, a line from a movie and put the answer on my blog.  Test your movie knowledge and have a little fun. I really wanted to twitter a line from a movie adapted from a book but I don't think I can manage that every time.  So I'll go with this for now.
Obviously, I am still working on this site but soon it will be spectacular (or just finished).
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  1. hi! i have the honor of being your first follower woo hoo! good luck with your blog. i'm a noob blogger myself but if there's anything i can do to help out just holler. c",)

  2. Yaa, my first follower. You always remember your first:)

  3. I'm your you remember your second?

  4. Welcome to the bloggy world, passing through from book blogs, pass by mine when you can, love to see yiu there. : )

  5. Sooo exciting ;)
    I LOVE your blog. Great start.

    I found you from Book Blogs.

  6. Thanks everyone for following. I will try to give you a little laugh every day.