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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Devil's Game Book Tour

Please stop in at these great blogs to read out guest posts and participate in the giveaways!  If you missed the giveaways (b/c my post was late) check back here at the end of the tour and I will be giving away two copies starting on the 28th!

8/14  giveaway @ Jagged Edge Reviews
8/14  author guest post @ Deena Remiel's Place
8/15  excerpt @ Reader Girls
8/15  excerpt @ Lisa's World of Books
8/15  giveaway @ Deena Remiel's Place
8/16  excerpt @ Keeping Up With The Rheinlanders
8/19  author guest post @ Reader Girls
8/17  interview @ Lisa's World of Books
8/17  excerpt @ Books Glorious Books
8/19  giveaway @ Books Glorious Books
8/23  author guest post @ Keeping Up With The Rheinlanders
8/24  author guest post & giveaway @ Workaday Reads
8/25  author guest post @ As The Pages Turn
8/26  author guest post @ Sugarbeat's Books
8/27  excerpt @ Sugarbeat's Books
8/27  author guest post @ Jagged Edge Reviews


  1. With so many giveaways one would be foolish not to visit. Thanks for providing the links.

  2. Thanks Jack for stopping by - don't forget the giveaway here at the end of the month!