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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flash Fiction Airport Bar

Airport Bar

“Can I buy you a drink?” the man asked, helping himself to the empty chair at her table. She'd been checking him out for about ten minutes now but he wasn't surprised. He was the whole package; looks, money, charm, and he knew it.
“Sure,” she smiled, like he knew she would. He signaled the bartender for another round then returned his blue gaze back to her green one. Talk about having it all going on. She was smoking hot with definite 'do-me' eyes, long tan legs in a barely there miniskirt and white tank top. He just wondered if they had enough time.
“Traveling back home?” he asked.
“Something like that. You?”
He waited while the bartender brought their drinks.
“Just going back to work. Took a long winter break this year. I travel a lot.”
“I'm guessing,” she said, leaning back and giving him the once over, “salesman. Pharmaceuticals?”
“Yeah, how'd you know?”
“You're sample bag,” she laughed.
“Very observant.”
“I also observe the tan line on your ring finger. Married?”
“Recently divorced. Well, not so recently but I guess I finally accepted it was really over.”
“Hmm, kids?”
“No, my wife couldn't. I told her we could adopt but she just...” he sighed. “But we don't need to talk about this. You on a layover or is this your departure city?”
“Layover,” she said leaning in. “A long layover.” She dropped the straw she had been twirling and he leaned over to pick it up, getting a nice view up her miniskirt.
“Well,” he said slowly sitting back up, “we could go to the business lounge. I'm a frequent flier, they know me well there.”
“You are a confident one, aren't you?”
“When I see something I want,” he smiled back.
She picked up her drink and held it out for a toast. “To long layovers.” They touched glasses and slammed their drinks down.
“I'm just need a minute to freshen up,” she said, standing.
He relaxed when he saw she left her purse. Not that he doubted she would be back. I mean, he was irresistible when he turned on the charm. That had been proven a hundred times, with a hundred different women. The small amount of guilt he used to feel was long gone.
“What's wrong?” she said when she returned.
“Oh, nothing. It's nothing,” he said taking his hand off his chest.
“Are you sure? You're sweating,” she said sitting back down.
“I'll be...oh” he cried out clutching his chest again.
“Maybe I better get some help.”
He just nodded. She walked over to the bar, said a few words to the bartender, then returned to his side.
He was finding it hard to breathe now, and starting to panic. What the hell was happening? He was healthy as a horse. He'd just had a physical for his increased life insurance policy.
“Why don't you lay here on the floor,” she said helping him. “Let me loosen your tie.”
She leaned in and while unknotting his tie, she asked “Can you talk?”
Gasping, he tried, but couldn't.
“By the way,” she whispered leaning in, “your wife says fuck you.”
His eyes grew wide. “She knows about your secret vasectomy and the reason for it, you cheating bastard. For a year you made her believe it was her fault. All the testing, the hormones. She was devastated when she discovered the truth of course, but I think two million dollars will help her heal. Don't you?”
He started shaking his head, still trying to catch his breath. “You probably thought that increase in coverage was your idea. Well, she did learn deception from the best.”
“I don't know officer. He asked if he could buy me a drink, I said yes, then he just collapsed.”
“You don't know him? Never met him before now?”
“No, sorry. Listen, am I going to be able to make my flight?”
“Yeah, we have your information. The bartender and the other patrons confirm your story. Someone will be in touch, if needed.”
“Thanks,” she said shaking her head and picking up her bag. “What a shame. He seemed so...nice.”


  1. whoa! you did it again S.L.! i kept wondering how it would end and you surprised me as usual! you should put together all your Sample Sunday short fiction and publish them as an anthology! c",)

  2. Thanks AO - you are my best Sample Sunday supporter. I may just do that if I can get about a dozen more to add. I find these so fun to write but hard to come up with the ideas!

  3. Wow, a whole story in a few hundred words. Gripping and exciting. Well done!

  4. Nice. Just what I like. Check out my sample today. I think you will like it.

  5. Thanks bloginfrance. Just my goal:) Feel free to share.

  6. Thanks Barbara. I read your sample and left a comment. It was fantastic. Got a sample on my nook now.